Success Stories



Story 18: Counseling  

NIRAM FOUNDATION is giving Counseling to the People ( Students, Working Professionals, and Home-makers ) to pursue Research, i.e., PhD (Part-Time / Full-Time).  So that, they can serve the entire World with their innovations; and make our BHARAT proud.  


Story 17:  Welfare of the Children



Story:  Welfare of the Govt. School Children


*) Donated Computer Peripheral (Wireless Mouse) for the Computer Lab, and a Stainless-Steel Water Bottle for the Staff Room; at Kodichikkanahalli Government School, in Bengaluru.  

*) given Donation for conducting the Cultural Activities (August 15: Sports and Programmes) for Government School Children, at Kodichikkanahalli, in Bengaluru.  


Story:  Education Adoption of the Govt. School Children

Mr. Nanjundappa, Head Master, Govt. Higher Primary School, Annedoddi, Kolaganahalli Post, Harohalli (Via), Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagaram District, Karnataka, PIN 562112, Mobile No. 9916464711, 9448673137; brought to our notice (through Spandana, Dayananda Sagar University) about the children who were financially poor and many of them are without parents  -  staying with their relatives (farmers) or with single parent and were seeking for an educational help.  The children are looking forward for donors who could help them for their basic needs like:  Notebooks, Bag, Pens, Pencils, Uniform Clothes, etc.  

NIRAM FOUNDATION has given the Donation yearly, during 2014 - 2019, 
for the four (economically) poor Children of Govt. School, for their educational needs.  

Thanks to donors for their kindly help. 


Story: Autism awareness workshop for School Teachers 

NIRAM FOUNDATION has conducted the Autism awareness workshop for the Teachers with the help of 'IRC - Information & Resource Centre', at Kodichikkanahalli Govt School premises.  Kodichikkanahalli, Devarachikkanahalli, Bilekahalli, and Hongasandra Government School Teachers are participated in the workshops.  Teachers are expressed their happiness about the learning points at workshop.

Our sincere thanks to Teachers for their participation and IRC members (Mrs. Suma S and Mrs. Vasantha) for their guidelines.

Story: Children (Autism symptoms)

NIRAM FOUNDATION has visited Kodichikkanahalli Government School as part of our NGO activities; and collected information about children who are having Autism symptoms.  We have submitted this report to 'IRC - Information & Resource Centre'; and requested them to provide their guidelines to children-parents to take care of children.


Story:  Child Sponsorship programme

NIRAM FOUNDATION has given the Donation for 'Child Sponsorship programmes'.  This contribution addresses issues that promote the overall development of the Children; through Education, Training and Awareness programmes, and Health benefits.


Story 16:  Vaccination Awareness Campaign

Participated in 'Vaccination Awareness Campaign'.  
NIRAM FOUNDATION has informed to many people for their participation for this great Government initiative.  


Story 15:  Respect Women Campaign

Facebook Photo Album: 'Respect Women'  
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Story 14:  Voter Awareness Campaign

Participated in 'Voter Awareness Forum' organized by Karnataka 'Chief Electoral Officer'.
Helpline 1950

NIRAM FOUNDATION has informed to many people for their participation for this great Human Right Voting Process.  


Story 13:  Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) Awareness Campaign

Participated in Central Vigilance Commission Awareness Campaign.

NIRAM FOUNDATION has informed to many people for their participation for this great initiative.  


Story 12:  Organ Donation Campaign

Participated in Organ Donation Campaign.  

NIRAM FOUNDATION has informed to many people for their participation for this esteemed cause.  


Story 11:  Blood Donation Campaign 

Participated for Blood Donation Voluntarily..... 

- Lions Blood Bank (Wilson Garden) Camp, organized by Film Actor Dr. Vishnu Vardhan Fans;  
Siddagangasree Voluntry Blood Centre Camp, at CAMRY Hospital;  
- Apollo Hospitals premises
- Indira G Institute of Child Health, at Hospital premises;  
- Victoria Hospital Blood Bank, at Hospital premises;  
- St. John's Medical College Hospital Blood Bank, at Hospital premises; 
- Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research Blood Bank, at Hospital premises; 
- Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology Blood Bank, at Hospital premises; 
- Sanjay G Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics ( Blood Bank, at Hospital premises;
- NIMHANS ( Blood Bank Camp, at Vasavi Meditation Hall;   
- Lions Blood Bank Camp, at Dayananda Sagar University; 
- BMST ( Blood Bank Camp, at HCL.

NIRAM FOUNDATION has informed to many people for their participation for this esteemed cause.  


Story 10:  ReLife before Recycle


*)  'Computer Peripherals (Speakers, Keyboard, and Mouse)' for the Government School Lab, at Kodichikkanahalli, in Bengaluru.  The specified Computer Peripherals are Old, but in Good working-condition.  
School Head Master Mr. Pillappa B A has mentioned that these Computer Peripherals are very helpful for School Children, in their Computer Lab.

*)  a Refrigerator to the Government Hospital (UPHC), at Kodichikkanahalli, in Bengaluru.  The specified Refrigerator is a small 50Ltrs Old Refrigerator, but in Good working-condition.  
Government Hospital Head Dr. Krishnappa has mentioned that the Refrigerator is very helpful for Medicine storage and Ice preparation for the Patients.  

*)  a Computer Monitor to the Government School Lab, at Kodichikkanahalli, in Bengaluru.  The specified Computer Monitor is a big 17" Old Monitor, but in Good working-condition.  
School Head Master Mr. Basavaraj has mentioned that the Computer Monitor is very helpful for School Children, in their Computer Lab.  

Thanks to Donors.


Story 9:  CM Relief Fund  and  PM CARES Fund  

NIRAM FOUNDATION has given the Donation for the 
'Cyclone/Flood Relief Fund'  through 'CM Relief Fund' of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Odisha, etc.; and 
"Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM CARES) Fund".


Story 8:  Bank Account for Security Person  

NIRAM FOUNDATION has helped 'Shree Nandi Residency Security Person Mr. Subhash N', to open a Bank Account; and created an awareness about the importance of Card Payments.  Mr. Subhash is very happy about of his first Bank Account.  


Story 7:  Gift of Books for Library

NIRAM FOUNDATION has given the Gift of 

*) Spiritual, General Knowledge, Awareness, and Educational Books for Indian Institute of Management Bengaluru (IIMB) Library, on Feb'2017, Nov'2018Mar'2019, Sep'2019, Feb'2020, and Mar'2021; 

*) Educational Books for Dayananda Sagar University Library Bengaluru, on 2014, 2015, and Jan'2022.  

This contribution is really helpful for Students, Staff, and Visitors.  

*) Note Books to a Student, on Dec'2022.  She is a BCom Final Year Student; and also working (Part-Time) as a Street-Vendor (with Green-Leaf Vegetables), to help her Family.

Story 6:  Yoga Campaign 

Organizers:  NIRAM FOUNDATION, Dayananda Sagar University ( 

Mrs. Tulasi (M: 9731106975) is a Yoga Teacher.  She teaches Yoga in/around Bommanahalli and BTM Layout areas, in Bengaluru.  Special thanks to Mrs. Tulasi for clear explanation and demo about 'Simple Yoga'.


Story 5:  Cancer Treatment

NIRAM FOUNDATION has given the Donation for the Cancer Patients.  This contribution really helps to them for Medical Treatment purpose.  


Story 4:  Facilitate Physically Challenged People (PwD - Persons with Disabilities) 


Story: Info for/about Physically Challenged People  

NIRAM FOUNDATION is creating an awareness in Physically Challenged People about the availability of Rehabilitation Services (Surgery, Physiotherapy, Caliper, Wheelchair, etc.), Pension from State Government, Education, Job opportunities, etc.; at Government, Private, and NGO sectors.

Facebook Photo/Video Album:  
'The Life of Physically Challenged People'... from Impossible to I'm Possible
( )


Story:  ATTF National Divyamgjan Games 2022 

Organizers:  ATTF and WLW FOUNDATION (Contact Person: Mr. Raghu Kumar R)
Sponsors:  NIRAM FOUNDATION and Rotary. 

ATTF National Divyangjan Games 2022

​NIRAM FOUNDATION took an initiative to help Physically Challenged People, to make them for active participation in this Sports programme, without the burden of Entry/Any Fees.   


Story:  Support for Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

NIRAM FOUNDATION members have purchased Articles from Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists ( website, to help them to gain Independent, Honest, and Secure Livelihood; i.e., Self Help, Not Charity.  


Story:  Hearing Aid for Physically Challenged Children

Prof. Bhaskara Rao N has given the Donation Hearing-Aid instrument (worth Rs.8300/-) for a Hearing-impaired Girl.  


Story:  Surgery for Ms. Shabari

NIRAM FOUNDATION has given the Donation for 'Surgery for 
Ms. Shabari 
(Physically Challenged Person)'.  She is from a poor family; and needs surgery for her two legs.  She was facing much more difficulty during her college study.  The surgery was successful.  Now, she is getting recovery through Physiotherapy.
Thanks to donors for their kindly help. 


Story:  Tri-Cycle for Ms. Premamma

Ms. Premamma is living alone in a small hut in Chilakaluripet, Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh.  She earns her living by selling groceries in her petty Store.  She manages all this in spite of being Handicapped, with a Tricycle.  Her life came to a standstill when her Tricycle broke down.  Then, she found herself dependent on others for fetching Water and Groceries for her Store or meeting her daily needs.  She had to crawl or take auto rickshaws for distances further than 30 meters which she cannot afford.  Most of us cannot imagine that equipment worth just Rs.5000/- can bring down a dignified life for her.  

NIRAM FOUNDATION has provided a Tricycle for Ms. Premamma.  This contribution really helps to her to gain Independent and Peaceful Life. 


Story 3:  Animal welfare

NIRAM FOUNDATION has given the Donation for the Goshaala.  This contribution really helpful for the Gosamrakshana activities, i.e., Animal Welfare.  


Story 2:  Orphanage and Oldage Homes

NIRAM FOUNDATION has given the Donation for the People who live in Orphanage Home and Oldage Home.  This contribution really helps to the People for their basic needs.  


Story 1:  Lifetime Food Donation Campaign

NIRAM FOUNDATION has given the Donation 

*) for Nitya Annadaanam (Lifetime Food Donation) that is organized by Devotional Places (Temple, Masjid, etc.).  This contribution is helpful for Devotees and Visitors.    

*) for 'Midday Meal programme for Government School Children', which is organized by the 'ISKCON Akshaya Patra'.  This contribution really helps to improve the children attendance in Government Schools.  


Join NIRAM FOUNDATION and help us serve the neglected.